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Seamless, Smart, Simple: AI-Powered Recruitment & Onboarding system. Imagine your business being seamlessly connected and integrated using next-generation technology to match the right candidate and onboard.

Xeople Recruit is designed to streamline your recruitment process by using matching technology to select the best possible candidates for the role, as efficiently and accurately as possible. 


Our matching technology incorporates a set of assessments that helps you to automatically identify candidates with the right skills and competencies for your roles.

Everything you love in a modern recruitment platform, now supercharged with our unique and powerful modules

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People and Data Analytics

What you do with the information collected throughout an employee’s lifecycle can make or break the health of your organization. Dramatically improve your staff culture with Xeople’s People and Data Analytics. Our tools are there to help you identify, attract, develop, and ultimately retain talent.  Place yourself in control of your company’s culture, by reducing bias and increasing your team’s productivity.

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This can be arranged as an additional support cost per month.

Our support is an accumulation of our two main offices located in Australia and India respectively. Our Australian office provides a majority of our user/customer support, implementation and training, while India predominantly manages our technical support. Depending on the time/priority/nature of your request you may be routed to either one of our call centres or asked to leave a message.

No, we want to ensure every support agent who picks up the phone knows your business and can help, so we don’t use a call answering service. If no one answers for a couple rings, leave a voicemail and we will call you back in line with our brand promise.

No. Unless you are abusing the service, the staff or violating the terms of our agreement you will not be charged for support phone calls.

Yes, we have a dedicated support number for current clients to call. Our preference is an email or support ticket first as this allows us to track and prioritize your request better. However, for very quick clarifications on a ticket (superman quick!), urgent escalations or emergencies you can always call us on (03) 5971 1464.

We provide a dedicated help site, a support portal for tickets, a support email, occasional free webinars, and of course a phone number to call when you need it. Additionally, we have a Customer Advocacy team who provide industry or business-specific system support and system optimisation consults on request or as required following review of support correspondence.

Yes, but only for business-critical issues – essentially meaning the whole system going offline. This is exceptionally rare; hence we are confident and happy to provide the service.

Only if you are in the Beta Client Program. Please refer to the Beta Client FAQ for more details.

Depending on the size of your database and complexity of your system you will be charged an early upgrade fee. Below is a rough guide you can use (GST exclusive), however an exact quote will be given upon request after pre-release analysis is complete:
  • 1-9 licenses: $1500 – $2500
  • 10-24 licenses: $2500 – $4000
  • 25-50 licenses: $4000 – $5000
  • 50+ licenses: $5000+

You can pay for an early upgrade. Moreover, upgrading early does not “reset” your next free release, meaning if you received an early upgrade in January, you would still be eligible to receive your free release in July.

It will be 12 months from the last free release you had, if you are a brand-new client, it will be 12 months from your handover date. If you’re unsure please contact the support team.

You receive one free version upgrade every 12 months upon request, from your subscription start date. If we can’t then the software is free until we do, – it’s one of our brand promises. Releases will be released within a 3-month window.

Beta clients must have at least 10 user licenses, have been a client for a minimum of 6 months, and have at least 1 internal staff member who is a certified administrator level 2 at a minimum. We reserve the right to deny entry into the Beta program.

The indefinite resolution time is due to the extensive analysis required to locate in the database where, how and why the issue is occurring before a solution can be developed. Moreover, as these issues occur in a live “production environment” fixes cannot be implemented immediately as often the system needs to be “offline” to implement fixes.

Beta versions are essentially “guinea pigs” while they are the first to receive new features – they are also the first to experience any issues which may not have been identifiable in our testing environment. By nature, these issues can impact productivity and often have an indefinite resolution time. Accordingly, the benefits of being a Beta client incurs a higher risk than most clients are comfortable with. All Beta clients must sign a waiver to be accepted into the Beta program because of this.

The benefit to you as the client is early access to new features and opportunity to provide user feedback.

Beta clients help Entire test new Entire Recruit developments in a client’s “live production environment” (the system you use every day with your real data). This completes our testing process for new releases and allows us to release new versions with confidence for other clients.

Yes, we are 100% Australian owned and operated company.

As we are a payroll solution reporting single touch payroll straight to the Australian Tax Office we are approved under the ATO operational security framework. This is reviewed every 12 months by the ATO and ensures that we are implementing best-practice cyber security systems and procedures.

No, disaster recovery is an optional add-on. Please ask your account manager if you would like to enable this option.

No, we do not and this is also covered in our subscription agreement.

For Australian clients, we host with Rackspace Dedicated Cloud in Sydney. Rackspace are the world leaders in managed cloud solutions. For international clients we host with AWS, at your nearest AWS region.

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