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Own It: Embracing Wins, Losses, and Efforts in Recruitment

Own It: Embracing...

“It’ll be fine!” Think of the last time you said those words, and how much you even believed yourself while saying them. The recipient of these words is rarely ever reassured. More likely they’re sitting with an increasing sense of worry. True – sometimes there is no real tragedy or crisis at risk when you […]

The Elastic Edge: Why Cross-Training and Employee Growth are Key in Today’s Job Market

The Elastic Edge:...

A Guide for Recruiters, Employers, and Workers At Xeople, we’ve set our core values based upon what we see as key markers of a progressive business and just a great place to work. The idea of “constantly evolving” is one that pops up a lot at Xeople and when you’re playing in the tech space, […]

X Marks the Sweet Spot – Digging Beyond the CV to Unearth True X-Factor

X Marks the Sweet...

“How did you get that job?” It’s a question we have all been asked at some point in our careers. Why do we all seem to ask or be asked that question? Could be a result of a cool job, a job one’s never heard of, the boring job of a boring person, (you’re not […]