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The Elastic Edge: Why Cross-Training and Employee Growth are Key in Today’s Job Market

The Elastic Edge:...

A Guide for Recruiters, Employers, and Workers At Xeople, we’ve set our core values based upon what we see as key markers of a progressive business and just a great place to work. The idea of “constantly evolving” is one that pops up a lot at Xeople and when you’re playing in the tech space, […]

X Marks the Sweet Spot – Digging Beyond the CV to Unearth True X-Factor

X Marks the Sweet...

“How did you get that job?” It’s a question we have all been asked at some point in our careers. Why do we all seem to ask or be asked that question? Could be a result of a cool job, a job one’s never heard of, the boring job of a boring person, (you’re not […]