Frequently Asked Questions

Xeople is a brand new platform that is redefining people management and career optimisation. Launched to the public in 2023, it is the platform on which new natively integrated software solutions will be built. Built by the team who created Entire OnHire, the first Xeople-built software tool will be Xeople Recruit, launching to the Australian market in early 2024.

Xeople and Entire OnHire were both founded by Blake Thomson and Sachin Nischal. Entire OnHire is a product designed specifically for Australian casual on-hire staffing agencies. In contrast, Xeople is a completely separate platform on which new software modules will be built for a broader range of businesses. Despite being separate entities, Xeople products will directly integrate with Entire OnHire, providing additional efficiency and ease of use for clients using both systems.

Xeople is currently taking expressions of interest for beta testers to assist with the release of Xeople Recruit. If you believe your business would be a great fit to test out this job posting, recruitment and onboarding tool, please let us know via our contact us page. Beta testing positions are limited and subject to review.

Entire OnHire is what you’re looking for. This powerhouse software is the only true end-to-end staffing solution in the Australian market. With mobile apps designed to empower your workforce and your clients, Entire OnHire is also the only staffing solution designed to facilitate growth in your business.

Coming this summer, Xeople Recruit will be the best of breed recruitment tool for recruitment agencies and in-house HR departments. If you’re looking to recruit an on-hire workforce, your best option is Entire OnHire. For in-house or permanent recruitment, stay tuned for the release of Xeople Recruit or apply to become a beta tester via our contact us page.

By July 2024 Xeople Recruit will be able to do placements that push to a payroll system and allow you to run payroll and invoicing.

By Dec 2024 Xeople Recruit will be able to do basic onboarding that captures documents and information for processing in other systems for compliance, scheduling and payroll.

Yes. We are in the process of developing modules that will completely change the future of work. These will be developed and released over time, and we have products queued up till 2028 both within the recruitment industry and beyond it… watch this space.