Xeople Recruit - Full Feature List

Launching to the Australian market in February 2024, unlock the power of future-coded, globally scalable recruitment software solution.

Candidate Sourcing

Create and customise your career page

Seamless integration of existing career page

Multi-language career page (English, French, German, Veitnamese)

Career page custom application forms

Create candidate profiles by forwarding CV/resumes via email

Bulk & mass CV/resume upload and assign to Job

Job Posting on SEEK

Job Posting via Broadbean to 2654 Job boards

Job Posting on Facebook

Job Posting on Indeed

Job Posting on LinkedIn

Referral Management System

Candidate Apply (Native, Email Apply, Application Form)

Xeople Proprietary Database

Entire OnHire Database

Candidate Profile Enrichment

Profile Management

Index CV/resume skills, experiences, and education on candidate's profile

Powerful CV/resume parsing and data enrichment

Fully customisable criteria and filtering for candidates recommendation

Candidate Personality

Candidate Compliance Management

LinkedIn Profile builder

Client Relationship & Tracking

Client and Location Management

Client Portal

Candidate CV Shortlisting and Feedback

Job Tracking

Candidate offer Release

Access Candidate Profile

Job Management

Easy-to-use & unlimited custom job pipelines

Quick, Advanced, and Boolean Candidate Search

Holistic and customisable candidate profile

Custom Candidate Tags (available, blacklisted,...)

CV/resume rebranding

Share Profiles and Job Status with the hiring managers and decision makers

Job Requisitions

Candidate Scorecards

Screening & Knockout questions

Automated workflow and Actions

Mass Emailing

Open API Access

Customised Reference Check Forms and 360 Feedback

Notes Management

Client Billing

Job Google Analytics

Candidate Assessment and Competency Tests

Book an Interview with Candidate and Client

Group Candidate Screening and Interview

Process driven Hiring Stage by defining responsive checklists

Screening using AI Video Assessment

Fully customisable criteria and filtering for candidates recommendation

Candidate Search matching the Job preference

Presell Candidates to Clients for potential Jobs

Contacts Management

Contacts Profile Management

Assign Contacts to Clients

Employee Management

Internal Employee Hiring

Employee Data Management

Employee Compliance Management

Employee Scorecards

Recruiters CRM

Communication and Task Management

Calendar Syncing

Customisable Notification Systems

Email Integration

Customisable Email Templates

Customisable SMS Templates

MS Teams call and Meet Invite

Zoom Call and Meet Invite

Document Management System

Create and Share Documents

Folders Management

Customisable Document Folder Management

Access Permissions per person or group

Share Documents and folders via Link

OTP Document Security

Document Weightage for minimal documents check

Unlimited Document sharing size limit

Document Versioning

Digital Document Signing

Team and Collaboration

Multi-Entity Support

Candidate and Client Entity Access Management

Configure your Brand and application URL

Sharable Job Templates

Sharable Email Templates

Job Sharing across Teams

Share your Activity Calendar with Team

Access your team interview availability

Automate Recruiter Interview Availability

Tag your team to share the application information

Global People Finder Card

User Page Analytics

Global Keyword base search

Data Privacy Compliance

GDPR Compliance

Modify and track candidate consent status from their profile

Share your organisation’s privacy policy and compliance terms on your career page

Capture data processing consent when candidates apply on your career page

Top-tier encryption and daily back-ups of system databases

OWASP Web Application Security

AI Recommendations

Automated Job Description-based Candidate Recommendations

Automated Candidate Profile-based Job Recommendations

Reports and Analytics

Customisable Dashboard

Candidate Reports

Job Reports

Job Statistics Report

Recruiter Performance tracking

Client Reports

Customisable Report Builder

Support & Assistance

In-app Chat

In-app Training

Data Import Management (XLS, CSV, JSON, XML, Customisable Templates)


Single Sign-On

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

Interactive Onboarding

Secure Payment Processing

Plan Upgrade

Guest User Invitation

Market Place Partners

Burst SMS


MS Teams

Zoom Call

Zoom Meet






MS Outlook 365

Gmail Email

Entire OnHire by Xeople

Crystal knows



HubSpot CRM



Resume Format

Xeople Sign

Xeople Interactive Onboarding

Xeople Data Management

Mobile App

Candidate Onboarding App

Client and Contacts App

Recruiter App