Xeople Recruit

Experience the first official module from the Xeople ecosystem is an innovative, cloud-based recruitment software

Benefits and Features

Candidate Sourcing

Job boards, Xeople Proprietary client owned database, Entire OnHire

Candidate Profile Enrichment

CV parsing and Job board saved data

Document Management System

Version control & Share URL based Document Management System

Entire OnHire seamless integrated for Onhire business Complete end to end solution.

Build Business Recruitment process by having checklists for each stage.

All at one place “Application Action” to screen and recruit candidate.

For ease of use, we partner with FlareHR, Daxtra, VEVO & ATO

Candidate Create and Apply via Smart Email

Design unlimited configurable Job Workflows for different business use cases.

Configure Career page for candidate apply per business use case.

Build time-controlled intuitive Candidate Test assessments.

Recruit smarter with the latest in recruitment technology

Configurable job workflows, document sharing and candidate creation straight from an email... The next generation of recruitment technology has arrived!

Real Businesses.
Real Success Stories.


Ryan Brookfield, Tradewind Australia

Seamlessly integrate with your favourite apps.

  • VEVO
  • FlareHR
  • ShiftMatch
  • Clicksend
  • Broadbean
  • Seek

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Xeople is an Australian-owned software company providing a suite of recruitment and workforce management software solution designed to streamline the talent placement process for businesses. Click here to learn more about the Xeople journey.

Xeople offers a powerful software suite that provides unmatched visibility across teams, simplifies the talent placement process, and ensures compliance with inbuilt solutions. Xeople offers two products, which can be used separately or together depending on client needs. Entire OnHire is an end-to-end solution for agencies servicing front line industries with on-hire casual staff. XeopleRecruit is a powerful ATS and recruiter CRM allowing those in permanent recruitment to find and place perfect fit candidates.

Recruitment businesses looking to enhance their systems and processes to manage talent more efficiently. The software is trusted by some of the biggest agencies in various industries across APAC.

Xeople helps streamline your talent placement process by offering features like enhanced team visibility and simplified compliance solutions, making it easier to find, hire, and manage employees. Different product offerings will suit different customer profiles, visit the products page to learn more.

Entire OnHire is designed for agencies looking for a complete software solutions from recruitment through to payroll, and a mobile app to manage on-hire workers. For a pure permanent recruitment platform, XeopleRecruit would be more suitable. More detailed information about Xeople's products can be found on the products page.

You can get in touch with the Xeople team to discuss business needs, software partnership or employment opportunities via live chat or the contact us page.

A free discovery call is available anytime with our team of software experts. Click here to book a session today.