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Xeople offers a range of software solutions to address the needs of any recruitment business. Whether you’re an agency focused on casual on-hire placements, or a permanent recruiter looking to improve the speed and accuracy of your placements, we have a solution for you. Do a bit of both? Entire OnHire and XeopleRecruit can be integrated for a truly unmatched workforce management experience.

Entire OnHire

Specialist software designed for on-hire staffing agencies across Australia. The only true end-to-end solution providing complete visibility across departments including recruitment, onboarding, rostering, allocations, payroll and invoicing.

With mobile apps that empower clients and workers, Entire OnHire is the secret weapon behind Australia’s best staffing agency. It may not be the prettiest platform you’ve ever seen but it’s by far the most powerful.

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Tried and tested by some of the best staffing agencies in the business, experience the first official module from the Xeople ecosystem is an innovative, cloud-based recruitment software designed to increase the recruiter productivity, enhance candidate experience and robust data security.

A unique applicant tracking system for finding and hiring X-Factor talent. Launching to the Australian market soon, subscribe to our newsletter to be at the front of the queue or if you want a sneak peek, book a demo.

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