Frequently Asked Questions

If you are an existing customer needing support please send your query to support@xeoplerecruit.com or call us on 03 59711464 if the matter is urgent.

XeopleRecruit specializes in serving staffing agencies that focus on high-volume permanent placements in industries such as healthcare, education, and hospitality. Our software is tailored to meet the unique needs of these sectors, ensuring efficient and effective recruitment processes.

XeopleRecruit can be used in combination with Entire OnHire for agencies to manage both temporary and permanent placements with a single database. Our flexible platform is ideal for agencies that operate in high-volume environments. As a standalone product, XeopleRecruit is built for permanent and contract placements.

XeopleRecruit is built by the same team of experts who developed Entire OnHire, a software first built for the needs of high volume, high compliance placements in healthcare. Our team has over a decade of experience in this complex field that has informed the features of XeopleRecruit.

The implementation timeline for XeopleRecruit varies based on the size and complexity of your agency, but most agencies can expect a timeline of 4-8 weeks. Our team works closely with you to ensure a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your operations.

Implementing XeopleRecruit involves several key steps: initial consultation, data migration, system configuration, user training, and go-live support. Our dedicated implementation team will guide you through each step to ensure a seamless process.

Yes, XeopleRecruit has several integrations available, either as in-built features or as plug-ins. The most popular integrations are Entire OnHire for temp staffing, several job boards (e.g. Seek & Broadbean) and VXT for in-app click-to-dial.

XeopleRecruit provides comprehensive technical support, including 24/7 online support, phone assistance during business hours, and a rich knowledge base with FAQs, guides, and tutorials to help you troubleshoot common issues.

Our support team is bound to tight SLA’s based upon the urgency of the issue. For urgent issues, we offer expedited support to ensure that your operations are not disrupted. All tickets submitted are guaranteed to receive an initial response within 24 hours.

Yes, each XeopleRecruit client is assigned an a dedicated account manager who understands your business and can provide personalised assistance to address your specific needs.

XeopleRecruit offers a variety of training resources, including live webinars, on-demand video tutorials, user manuals, and hands-on training sessions to ensure that your team can effectively use our platform. Paid sessions are available for any training not covered in the aforementioned options.

Yes, we provide ongoing training opportunities, including webinars, refresher courses, and personalised training sessions to help your team stay up-to-date with the latest features and best practices.

We welcome feedback from our users and prioritise feature requests based on their impact and demand. Our development team is constantly building new features and enhancements to ensure that XeopleRecruit remains at the forefront of recruitment technology.

Yes, client access to our development roadmap can be provided by the suppor team or your account manager. This roadmap outlines upcoming features and improvements. This transparency ensures that you are aware of new developments and can plan accordingly for future enhancements.